Healing Sessions

To heal is a journey we embark on together. It is a process that can often occur rapidly or it can take some time through incremental increases. The face of disease appears after many years of nurturing imbalances.

Learning to activate your body doing the postures that Sifu Matthew recommends will have a great effect on holding the healing and creating a new mineralization in your body and field. If you are not ready to surrender and receive new forces, then healing can be held for a short time and then pushed out. If you ate food and gave the body no time to digest it, you would not have full access to that energy. When you heal, you are releasing a conflict to take on a power. If you are bound to the conflict you cannot receive the new power. Thus, it is a journey we embark on together. In deep heartfelt willingness you can succeed.

When you are sick or unbalanced in any form, it means that you are blocking new motions and fields from being placed inside and you are holding others from releasing. This holding and blocking creates a thick electrical matrix that forms adhesions in your particle conductivity and circulation. It is a programming or instruction manual to create imbalance in your cells. To heal is to absorb the new forces that come in and utilize the energy properly.


Sifu Matthew will assess your field and begin to work on the areas that need attention at that time. After a level of homeostasis is achieved, he will work on regenerating and stabilizing the minerals and elements in the bones, organs, tissues, and nerves. Sifu Matthew works on micro-electric circuitry in the physical and energetic levels of the body to re-pattern what is not functioning. His ability to re-circuit and re-mineralize using the specific elements allows the body to maintain the precise new alignments for health, power, and strength. You will receive a special posture for your condition or series of postures to continue healing at home.


A: Sifu Matthew has helped people recover from: 1. Spine and ligament damage, and rapid healing of fractures, sprains and tears 2. Arthritis, metabolic disorders, allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue 3. Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia, urinary tract infections, prolapsed organs 4. Kidney damage, neurological imbalances and much more…

A. Many people see improvements immediately, however, each case is unique and dependent on how seriously the body’s systems are compromised by chronic stress and improper energy function. For bone and joint conditions – due to the bones’ ability to hold intense electrical charge – healing can often take place rapidly. For chronic illnesses or metabolic disorders, as the body’s forces are balanced and food and supplements are addressed, the conditions can usually heal within the framework of the body’s natural rhythms once they are restored . Taking classes and following Sifu’s specific protocols will undoubtedly improve the rate of recovery.

A. Each person will feel different sensations based on their sensitivity and body awareness. The depth of what you feel does not influence the power of the healing. However, most people will experience: 1. Palpable internal motion of the organs along with electrical charges and currents. 2. Intense heat and vibration as well as shifting of body temperature from hot to cold or cold to hot. 3. Releasing of stress or blocked areas and invigoration of energy. 4. Deep sleep or calming.

A: It is very common for the body to feel better from the pain but also to feel exhausted. Sifu Matthew moves forces in your electrical field that have been dormant during your lifetime, and therefore the body and nervous system will often shut down the outer functions to move into a re-patterning phase to hold the new patterns. This can cause exhaustion for a short period to reconfigure.
B. Nausea can also be experienced. Sifu Matthew works directly with organ damage and infections in the body. When he begins to move their electromagnetic fields, this will cause a shift of fluids and gasses in the body which will both detoxify and realign the body and can cause nausea due to systems finding a new axis for homeostasis. Ultimately, the discomforts are minimal compared to the benefits.



Direct and intensive tissue and bone regeneration (for athletes)

Neurological stabilization and regeneration of nervous tissue

Micro circuit work for grounding the body.

Removal of stress patterns in the field.

Remineralization of all elements in the field.

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