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Wes Saunders, NFL Athlete

Sifu Matthew helped me to level forces in my body to gain power where I was once weak. In 90 minutes I’d never experienced anything like it. My foot feels like a foot again and not like a wooden block – it’s the most amazing thing I’ve experienced within the past 3 or 4 years. I encourage anyone with pain or issues in their body to do this.

Dian Oved, Founder and CEO, Empower Digital

I am no longer challenged in the major arenas of my life. By following Sifu Matthew’s magnetism training and martial postures, I have massively grown my business, healed my body and have tools that work to keep me in my power zones. I had worked with every type of healer, shaman, reiki practitioner, and yogic therapist before, but had never gotten remotely close to these results. I will be bringing my staff down to an intensive in the near future!

Stephen Bochner, MD, Senior Client Partner, Sector Leader, Korn Ferry

As both an M.D and V.P. in the technology, health, and wellness space, I am intimately aware of the current expanding pulse of the wellness arena. Sifu Matthew’s transformational intensive is the future of that pulse. There is a constant flow of organic truth emerging from their work that has allowed me to not only see myself in ways that are clear to my core, but also to activate and hold that potential for business and health. The results are undeniable!

Dr. Marlyn Cheng

I have worked with Sifu Matthew for over 5 years.  His understanding and methods are –  to my medical mind – a groundbreaking and scientific advancement. I have not only been  able to heal myself of several stuck areas, but have also been able to apply the simple sciences to help others rapidly where standard Eastern and Western medicine didn’t work. Even more so is the ability to  handle intense stress in ways that work effectively.

Jackie Lapin, Conscious Media Relations

For many years I have struggled with overeating, and felt almost powerless to control it. Matthew Klein has, for the first time, given me tools that really stem my addiction/ When I do these exercises, I feel fully empowered to say “No.” And my desire is lessened. For me it’s a miracle! Do the exercises and experience freedom.

Matthew has made a measurable difference over the past year for me, my daughter, and my baby granddaughter. First he correctly identified physical and life issues with me. Soon after, he focused on an infected tooth that had significant nerve damage (which the dentist said had a 30% chance of saving). Thanks to a couple of healing treatments by Matthew, the tooth became pain free and remained that way for weeks at a time. After nearly a year the tooth is still viable, and any pain is nearly non-existent. Matthew also assessed issues regarding my daughter and her pregnancy. When her amniotic fluid dropped precariously low in the last trimester, his treatments helped sustain the level and raise the fluid enough for her to maintain her pregnancy additional vital weeks. The baby ultimately presented with an unusual birth position and situation and soon after had to be treated for double hip dysplasia. Although it was expected that the baby could be in a body harness for many months (and potentially casted), Matthew’s powerful, yet gentle healing dramatically improved results for each of the baby’s appointments and prevented the necessity for casting. Because of her exceptional hip improvement, the baby has not had to return beyond her regular check-ups. Throughout the year Matthew simultaneously also guided me through changes in perceptions, nutrition, body postures, and the use of consciousness and healing energy in a more focused manner –all of which have engendered positive outcomes. He is a teacher, mentor, and healer who functions with the utmost integrity and intention to help others heal their physical, emotional, and mental selves. – TRISH T., TH.D., PH.D

I have been in practice as an anesthesiologist for 35 years. We deal with all specialties in medicine. Never have I encountered someone who can heal and also teach concepts that deal with physical maladies, as well as deep intellectual and emotional imbalances. He goes beyond the conventional holistic approach and is way ahead of our times. He has helped me go beyond the routine level of putting a patient to sleep, waking him up and calling it a day. I am more aware, happier, intelligently present, and more sensitive in terms of treating others as individual human beings.   – MARLYN CHENG, M.D.

I am writing to thank Matthew for the healing miracle which took place. My girlfriend was hospitalized last week with a fever of 103, and her white blood cell count had dropped to almost 0. That evening Matthew worked with her for 30 minutes, and the following morning her fever had broke, and her white blood cell count was at a normal level. She was discharged that day. – JOHN MEDVECKIS, PSYD., LAC.

Matthew has been a blessing from the Universe for me. When I first met him, I was in a complete suicidal state. He brought me back from the brink of destruction by working with me on multiple levels. This helped me get my life back on track. I was suffering from severe acid reflux, which was almost crippling, as well as having 24-hour migraines, high cholesterol, and loads of stress. The headaches cleared almost instantly and not long after my other symptoms gradually began to improve as I followed Matthew’s recommendations. – B. RAZAK

I contacted Matthew because I was unable to get help from doctors for a digestive problem that caused me to lose weight as well as self-confidence. I underwent invasive and expensive tests and also tried many supplements and probiotics on my own to no avail. Matthew immediately told me that my diet needed to change and I needed to cut out the lengthy list of supplements I was taking and replace them with the few he suggested. He told me to avoid wheat and fruit for the time being. My health, digestion and outlook began to improve quickly. The nervousness I had been experiencing upon awakening faded away. I am just beginning to start on the supplements that Matthew suggested and have every reason to believe that I will continue to improve so that I can go on a trip I scheduled in two months. – JUDY BEZJAK

I am pregnant and had nausea for a few weeks. I worked with Matthew on Skype, and he showed me a few postures to help open my hips, and relax my digestion. Within five minutes, my nausea disappeared! I have been feeling good since. I had nausea a few times after that. I did my exercises and felt better within minutes. Thank you Matthew for dedicating yourself to assisting others in their healing process. – LAUREN P., PORTLAND, OR

Matthew is unlike any healer you will ever experience. I have worked with many “healers” in the past and have not achieved the results that Matthew has helped me create. I was physically very weak when I met Matthew. I was frequently sick and not eating the proper foods. Matthew put me on a regimen of specific foods and supplements that have allowed me to thrive. Matthew helped me focus on the proper career that is suitable for me. As soon as I followed his career advice, I saw instant results. Learning Liangong and proper meditation techniques from Matthew have been highly instrumental in improving my health, peace of mind, and mental stability. Matthew is a treasure on this earth and I feel very blessed to have met him. My life will never be the same. – DIAN O.

There is a true peacefulness and love that Matthew emits when you are in his presence and from that there is so much power in his healing. It’s something that’s hard to describe because one just has to experience it for themselves. What I love most about Matthew’s healing is that it encompasses the person as a whole. He not only treats the physical body but he treats his patients on a nutritional and emotional levels as well. – A. CHAN, LOS ANGELES

I came to Matthew because of a diagnosis of “recurrent cornea erosion syndrome” (hundreds of little bumps on my cornea) in my left eye and elevated glaucoma scores in both eyes (left = 20 and right=17). My ophthalmologist wanted me to take a month long dose of sodium chloride eye ointment, that didn’t feel right to me. Matthew looked at my eye and liver and told me exactly what would heal this. He put me on only 3 days worth of eye and liver supplements and diet changes for the rest of the month. At the end of that time, my cornea erosion was gone and my glaucoma scores had dropped in both eyes to the following normal levels: left =16 and right = 14. The cornea erosion did not return. – S.G.

About one year ago I injured my foot, spraining the tendons. The injury was supposed to cause me to be off my feet for more than six weeks. After speaking with Matthew about my injury, he stated that he could help. Initially I was skeptical, but I played along. Immediately, I began feeling a “pins and needles” feeling in the injured foot. I was still skeptical but the next morning there was a substantial improvement in my foot. Matthew worked on my injury for a few sessions allowing me to walk around pain-free three weeks prior to what my physician had stated. I truly believe it was Matthew’s help and healing that helped my foot recover as quickly as it did. I can wholeheartedly recommend Matthew to anyone for both physical and emotional illnesses. – B. SPIEGEL, BROOKLYN

I recently took a lesson in lianggong from Matthew. I have been practicing and teaching Tai Chi, Qiqong, Ba Gua, and Hsing I for years. I’ve also taken many yoga classes and have regularly gone to bodyworkers about tension and structural challenges deep in my tissues. I have to say one week of Liangong practice has done more for my structure than all of those combined. I was able to relax muscles no bodyworker could get to and no Qiqong set I knew had taught me to work on. It’s an intense practice with amazing results. I am only 23 and I feel like years of stress have been taken off my back and shoulders. – B.H.

Matthew has been working miracles for me these last six weeks. While Celiac was my priority, Matthew is helping me with my goal of having a quiet, clear mind and body. My Celiac hasn’t bothered me once and we have begun mending all the other wear and tear my body has endured. – L. B., SANTA MONICA, CA

Matthew has an extraordinary gift. He possesses a gift that enabled him to help my son’s illness with greater clarity than two doctors — one of whom is considered the best in his field in the Tampa Bay area. My son was diagnosed with chronic ear infections. He was getting sick all the time, suffering from ear infections, fevers and chronic sinus issues. When my son was two years old he was taken to the hospital two times and been prescribed multiple antibiotics, none of which seemed to work. My son would get sick with another ear infection and all the other issues related to it almost immediately after finishing his medication. It was suggested he have his adenoid removed, along with tubes put in his ears. Clearly a surgical procedure was not my first choice, and it caused me and my wife a great deal of concern. I met with Matthew, and he was immediately able to determine what the problem was. It has been six months and my son has not suffered from an ear infection, fever or sinus related issues since following Matthew’s advice. Luckily, my wife and I never went through with the surgery. – BRIAN SPIEGEL

I healed an elbow injury thanks to Matthew’s teaching of the Liangong technique. I had fractured the radial head portion of my arm playing tennis. Six months later, my arm still hurt and I had difficulty using it for sports or to lift anything heavy. I had tried physical therapy with several different therapists, and it wasn’t working. Then, in my first Liangong class, Matthew gave me a simple posture to practice everyday. It didn’t take more than a few minutes and it didn’t hurt. Within two weeks, the soreness was almost completely gone! I was totally amazed! It didn’t require any special gadgets or physical therapy bands or anything. A month later, my arm was totally healed and now I almost forget I ever had the issue. I’ve continued to go to Liangong class to help the rest of my body because I was so impressed with what it did for my elbow. – JENS

I had horrific and painful heartburn and hiccups that kept me awake the entire night with varying degrees of discomfort the following day. That situation, attended by nausea, continued until Matthew dispelled the entire condition by directing concentrated energy toward it and it ended in about ten minutes. Nothing is more persuasive than results. – KEN BOWSER

I had injured my hand yet again. The X-ray showed that is was broken for sure. I was in pain and dreaded the long recovery period as well as the hindrance to my usual activities. Matthew worked on my hand for about twenty minutes. Within two days, the pain in my hand had disappeared and I had full use of it within ten days. I’m not sure exactly what Matthew did, but I saw no other healers other than him after the initial diagnosis from the emergency room physician. Do I believe in miracles? Yes. Is what Matthew did a miracle? All I know is that whatever he did, without a doubt in my mind, worked. – J. BLAKE

Hi Matthew… My sister and I want to thank you for your help with her cat. She took Truffle to the vet today and the vet was in shock. They have been treating this condition for over 16 months and now, in less than a month since you helped her she is almost completely healed. – JOHN MEDVECKIS

My BURNING muscles and ligaments also (chronic painful shoulder rotator cup) from shoveling HEAVY snow for 4 days, was fully relieved and PAIN FREE just from attending one of Master Matthew’s workshops – And He never even placed his hands on me! – LINDA Matthew worked on me a few times in the front of the class. He immediately knew that I was having bad back and stomach issues. He focused his energy on both, and even though he did not work on me for a long time, I felt relief right away. All of my stomach and back pain went away over the next 24 hours. After learning how to focus my energy from a more grounded place, I saw things a little brighter and heard things a bit sharper that I normally would. I was able to tune in more to the world around me in a more acute way. Matthew is the real deal! I highly recommend that you attend a class or do a private session with him. I will be returning to do more work with him for sure. – AMY P., NEW YORK, NY

OMG I Got the BEST sleep with my nervous system being calm. I Feel so rested. Holy cow! I get acupuncture all the time but it’s not like this. I feel more inside my body as well. Celiac had caused my nervous system to go into fight/flight mode at all times. Try as I might to calm my system down, it wasn’t until I went to Sifu Matthew that my system finally felt safe and calm. You would not believe the sleeps I’ve been having ever since. Nothing like sleeping with peace and waking with joy. I highly recommend Sifu Matthew and can’t wait to go back. – RACHEL NYC

During Matthew’s session I experienced a tremendous sense of very deep healing relaxation. It seems that my whole nervous system was rewired and renewed. After the session I was feeling very centered, composed and calm. I still continue to feel like this. My ability to focus is much better. I really appreciate the opportunity to experience one of Matthew’s sessions. – MV

Sifu Mathew activated healing for my injured foot. I had a bad fracture on the fourth metatarsal and torn ligaments. The pain lingered after months and I still walked with a limp because of the pain I felt. I had seen a podiatrist, two orthopaedists, an acupuncturist and took acupressure sessions. I started taking physical therapy (2 appointments) when I found out about Sifu Mathew’s class and after class group healing. It wasn’t until I had 1 group healing session with Sifu Mathew that my foot healed and the pain just disappeared. My physical therapist couldn’t understand how I was able to move my foot in a particular way the next morning . Later that day, I found myself walking normally without a limp and without pain. I just couldn’t believe it! It had been months and it really affected my daily life. I was able to cancel the rest of my physical therapy appointments. THANK YOU SIFU MATHEW! I am truly grateful. I only wish I had found out about your classes and healing sessions earlier. – DALIA WALLACH

I’ve never experienced the type of deep inner healing that I have working with Matthew. I have been in healing and seen many wonderful things in my profession over the past 15 years, but have not seen anything like this. To be able to heal people permanently and bring such a balance that changes lives on a deep emotional level is a very unique and special gift. The profound level, insight and teaching that I’m learning has helped me understand and notice where the imbalances and bad patterns are in my life that are not healthy. Many times we cannot recognize the patterns we have and are stuck in. We don’t understand why things aren’t working out like we think they should, hitting a ceiling or wall that you can’t get past. I’ve had deep trauma and emotional pain in my life. Matthew has helped me change the triggers that shut me down to a point where they are not there any longer!! I’m being renewed, restored and reestablished everyday as I use the tools specific to me. It feels much like a supersonic cleansing inside-body, soul, mind. I have more clarity and focus, I feel strong and balanced, in control and confident. After working with Matthew for two months I am incredibly balanced, calm, clear, focused and I feel like I can do anything. It just keeps getting better and better. I’ve had very tremendous changes in my life because of the sessions with Matthew. I am so thankful to be part of the healing and teaching Matthew provides. It’s truly an incredible blessing in my life! – KIM BELL, NEW YORK, NY

Hi Matthew , The healing class was amazing. I saw a definite improvement in my life after the class. My thought process is clearer. I have been to many healers but this is the first time I actually noticed something change in my being. I am in awe of how quickly you can bring about results . Just one class and there was an immediate positive change in my life it was great . – VERONICA

With SIFU Matthew, healing, energy and vitality are as close as your fingertips… and understanding your relationship to energy. In a few sessions, you learn to heal yourself for a lifetime! SIFU Matthew is a profoundly gifted healer and expert in energy anatomy who learned and evolved this science as a Kung Fu Master and teacher over many decades. He has acquired a keen understanding of how to work with human energy flow in a unique and transformative way that allows your body to heal itself. Best of all, he teaches you how to clear the energy blocks causing your symptoms and how to attract and direct natural energy that surrounds all of us by simply using your hands or different postures. This is a system of dynamic healing that will dramatically alter your approach to health and improve outcomes you never thought possible without medicine, unnecessary surgeries and other costly and time-consuming interventions. – KELLY, NEW YORK, NY

Matthew helped me to ground my energy, get out of my head. and learn to relax my body and mind. I knew something shifted because I felt tired initially. The next day my husband asked if I was still relaxed. When I said yes he replied, ” Maybe you should go back once a month.” Working with Matthew is like getting an internal massage. I already booked another appointment. Diane DiResta, NYC May 22, 2016 – DIANE DIRESTA, NYC

Thank so much for last weeks class and healing. Today is day 5 of no coffee. That is a miracle in itself as I usually was on 4-5 cups a day and all the while knowing it wasn’t good for me. I got up on Friday and decided I wasn’t feeling it (Hello… what?) and decided to try without it for at least a day. Coffee has been on my do not do/take list for donkeys years…. so this is a surprise. Also I feel stronger in my physical body, and in my presence. On Sunday I went to yoga and we were doing sun salutations for the whole class in honor of the summer solstice. Normally I tire even when sun salutations are just thrown in here and there… I dislike chaturangas! We did 32 in a row and I didn’t stop for a break once. Amazing or really unbelievable actually ! Even my teacher was surprised 🙂 So thank you, thank you, thank you. – J.D., NEW YORK, NY

Love working with Sifu Matthew. I find it very valuable to my personal life and my work as a healer. It amplifies my ability to feel centered, happy and powerful. Mathews work is truly a gift to this planet. I recommend it highly. – ALETA SLIWA ST. JAMES, NEW YORK, NY