Exemplary leadership is cultivated through the mastery of forces

The body is an electromagnetic instrument that communicates using proven physics forces. By learning the system to harness these forces you can create astonishing changes at will for all arenas of your life.

Sifu Matthew, Kung Fu Master, World Renowned Healer and founder of MAOW™ (The Martial Arts of Wellness) is offering:

West LA and Malibu Warrior Force Training

Tuesday and Thursday Nights

Sifu Matthew will teach you the scientific system he created to achieve optimal performance and wellness through understanding and directing your forces.


You will Learn Scientific Methods to:

• Heal Injuries and Diseases by Changing the Cellular Structure

• Reduce Stress by Mastering your Magnetism

• Enter Optimal Zones of Power

• Learn Super Combat and Unearth Your Inner Force

If you are training in sports or the Martial arts and carry chronic injuries you can manifest diseases from those conditions. Sifu Matthew will show you both how to heal your body, empower your organs and defend yourself through The Martial Arts of Wellness Warrior Force ProtocolsTM.


Warrior Force Recovery – Learn the Science to heal your spine and knees now. Chronic pain in one area is a sign of electrical blockages that will ultimately lead to other problems and if unchecked, diseases. This is a fact. These imbalances can be repaired by learning how to restore the body’s elements and forces.

Thursdays, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Sundays, 9:00am – 10:30am