Together they will share with you the secret science and power of interacting with your highest potentialities.


Master Your Inner Dimensions


Empower Your Forces

The great warriors and leaders of the East conquered adversity and radiated excellence through the refinement of their energetic forces. This wisdom was not in the form of self-help, knowledgeable bits but a system of mastery refined through deep interaction with those who were a living embodiment of that wisdom.



Sifu Matthew, the founder of The Martial Arts of WellnessTM, is rapidly becoming a new voice on science, healing and performance in both Eastern and Western worlds. He has over 41 years of experience in the Martial Arts and is a master of manipulating the elements and forces of the body to heal injuries and ailments rapidly, destroy addictions and master zones of power for optimal performance. He aids you in healing your chronic ailments through his precise energy sciences as well as activating inner force and mental fortitude.



Mary Grace is a visionary and seer of the interdimensional realms. She uses her sight to see beyond time and connect to all aspects of consciousness for personal healing, clearing the un-awakened self and activating higher potentiality fields. The scope of her work involves all psychic modalities, remote viewing, and mystical visions into levels of divine perception extending beyond lower realms of mental phenomena. Her skills have been used for government (anti-terrorism) and prevention of crime, business reformation and inventions, medical advancements and scientific research.


 • Mastering your electromagnetic field for fierce performance in all areas (golf, tennis, sports, business)

• Healing your body of chronic weaknesses that lead to disease

• Locking into energy zones for intense productivity beyond all drugs and stimulants

• Technical combat skills to defend and protect

• Expanding your overall power and vitality for every area of life including Immune health, jet lag and mastery of stress



 • Access the inter-dimensions of your fields of consciousness and those that assist around it

• Deliver messages from the inner realms

• Activate your highest divine purpose

• Understand the play of karmic forces

• Commune with the higher selves

• Activate techniques for removing the disruptive patterns of the negative selves

3 day, 4 day, and 8 day intensive


Wes Saunders, NFL Athlete

Sifu Matthew helped me to level forces in my body to gain power where I was once weak. In 90 minutes I’d never experienced anything like it. My foot feels like a foot again and not like a wooden block – it’s the most amazing thing I’ve experienced within the past 3 or 4 years. I encourage anyone with pain or issues in their body to do this.

Babak Razi, Founder, Third Wave Ventures Chairman of the board, Ostenzo and Ingenue

Beyond impressed, I am in awe of what I have achieved through Sifu Matthew and Mary Grace’s training. I had spent many years involved in wellness and performance advancement training, in which upon meeting Mary Grace and Sifu Matthew, realized, was keeping me in an illusion of growth that lacked the science and insight to propel me forward. I could not have even imagined the potential that has now become my reality. Mary Grace’s crystal clear accurate business messages and divine guidance have illuminated what nobody else could see. Sifu Matthew’s presence and teachings on force enabled me to experience a fortress of power, health and strength within that makes the stress and challenges of life become much smaller. THANK YOU!

Dian Oved, Founder & CEO, Empower Digital

I am no longer challenged in the major arenas of my life. By following Mary Grace’s brilliant vision and Sifu Matthew’s magnetism training and martial postures, I have massively grown my business, healed my body and have tools that work to keep me in my power zones. I had worked with every type of healer, shaman, reiki practitioner, and yogic therapist before, but had never gotten remotely close to these results. I will be bringing my staff down to an intensive in the near future!

Stephen Bochner M.D., Senior Client Partner, Sector Leader, Korn Ferry

As both an M.D and V.P. in the technology, health, and wellness space, I am intimately aware of the current expanding pulse of the wellness arena. Sifu Matthew and Mary Grace’s transformational intensive is the future of that pulse. There is a constant flow of organic truth emerging from their work that has allowed me to not only see myself in ways that are clear to my core, but also to activate and hold that potential for business and health. The results are undeniable!

Marlyn Cheng, M.D.

I have worked with Sifu Matthew and Mary Grace for over 5 years, what they do both together and individually is, to my medical mind, a groundbreaking and scientific advancement. I have not only been able to heal myself of several stuck areas, but have also been able to apply the simple sciences to help others rapidly where standard Eastern and Western medicine didn’t work. Even more so is the ability to handle intense stress in ways that work effectively.

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