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Exemplary leadership is cultivated through the mastery of forces

The great warriors and leaders of the East conquered adversity and radiated excellence through inner mastery of their energetic forces. This wisdom was not in the form of self-help, knowledgeable bits, or quick-fix concepts but a system of mastery refined through the consistent interaction with a Sifu — one who was a living embodiment of that wisdom.

Sifu Matthew, founder of MAOW™ (The Martial Arts of Wellness), a pioneer in the field of wellness, power, and healing, is offering:

The Warriors Force Training Intensives 2 Day Intensives 4 Day Intensives

Venture into the most sophisticated healing and empowerment program based on the science of the Martial Arts and learn to access and manipulate your electromagnetic forces and elements to increase your internal strength and master your ability to transform.   

Without understanding these core forces the keys to refining health and perfecting character are not accessible.

Leading CEOs, Magnates, and Athletes have all dramatically improved their ability to:

• Access new levels of power, focus and clarity achieved through precise force protocols

• Heal their bodies of all physical pains that block business and athletic performance

• Become unbeatable by stress, fatigue, and weakness

• Defend themselves

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Course are available twice monthly at The Boca Resort.

Sifu Matthew offers private mentorships worldwide to select individuals and groups desiring to achieve levels of mastery in power, health and performance. 

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• Mastering your electromagnetism for fierce performance in all areas (golf, tennis, sports, business)

• Enhancing internal sensitivity for preventing injuries  

• Clear communication by understanding magnetism.

• Locking into A-Game or Optimal zones at will for intense productivity beyond all drugs and stimulants

• Amplifying your Immune System to offset jet lag and weakness from travel and stress.