Destress, Regenerate, and Heal using Martial Arts with Sifu Matthew

Destress, Regenerate, and Heal

Destress, Regenerate, and Heal using Martial Arts with Sifu Matthew

The Covid-19 Pandemic has created a ripple effect around stress, depression and anxiety for many of us. By learning to access and harness your ‘chi’ power, the science of position and direction, you can take control of your system and empower your cells into a profound state of energetic wellness.

Join Sifu Matthew, Kung Fu Master, world renowned healer and founder of the Martial Arts of Wellness, as he shares his wisdom about how you can use special posItions and forms to increase your connection to health, wellness, and power. If you’re looking to heal a long-standing injury or imbalance, or simply want to reduce stress and regain a sense of internal strength and wellness, Sifu Matthew will guide you to activate these steps for yourself and create your own program for regeneration and wellness. Using your body and mind as instruments of profound force and wisdom you can shatter old stuck patterns in many areas of your life.

Many individuals and corporations who have worked with Sifu and incorporated his programs in their daily routines, have had profound success in conquering seemingly difficult issues around focus, performance and vitality, autoimmune and hormonal imbalances, weight loss, chronic injuries, joint pains, nerve regeneration and more. Working at this level with the chi of the body and mind can also reduce addiction patterns and PTSD.

Sifu looks forward to welcoming you to the world of The Martial Arts of Wellness.