Meet health pioneer, Kung Fu master and Wellness Activator, Sifu Matthew. Sifu (Master) Matthew is the founder of The Martial Arts of Wellness™ (MAOW), a scientific system designed to heal and empower your body through positions that rebuild electricity and harmonize elements. Having helped heal athletes from chronic injuries that are non-responsive to Western and Eastern medicine, alleviated PTSD from veterans rapidly, and helped numerous chronic conditions (Arthritis, ADHD, addictions, incontinence, neuropathy, sciatica, prolapsed organs, infections, Immune disorders), Sifu Matthew has applied his wisdom to help you heal your dog! Sifu Matthews has helped many dogs recover rapidly from immobile joints, PTSD, stomach and skin conditions, bladder weaknesses, unbalanced behavior and much more.

MAOW K9, a.k.a. Kung Fu For Dogs, will teach you to master your own electromagnetism and position to interact with and heal your dog. Your dog will heal when he hearsyou are in balance. By putting yourself into the correct electromagnetic position, your dog can heal and prevent diseases.



Your body is always receiving new energy or stimulus delivered through the motion of the electromagnetic fields that surround it. Each field has a specific type of mineral and element ratio that contributes to your life force and wellness. The many forces of the Sun’s field deliver heat and stimulating properties while the Moon and Water fields deliver cooling and solidifying properties. They both work synergistically to maintain a perfect balance between your body and its atmosphere at all times.

By adjusting your position and direction appropriately, you can access the specific electromagnetic forces and elements needed to heal. Animals operate under the exact same principles. They instinctively use their direct connection to the earth’s electromagnetic field regularly to communicate and heal.

This is why a dog, bird, and cat will leave an area designated for an earthquake long before the earthquake, whereas a human will often not be aware of it until the floor collapses beneath them!

Birds use the language of magnetism to detect through internal guidance using their sensory systems and hearts where to fly. Sharks as well have heightened senses that allow them to detect the minerals in an ounce of blood from miles away.


Animals can lose their connection to healthy magnetic states and balanced energy which can cause different types of stressors and diseases to manifest. Their imbalances can stem from a variety of disturbances ranging from:

  • Physical and emotional trauma that blocks the flow of energy.
  • Poor connection to their owner to guide them to balanced emotional and healing states.
  • EMF stressors and toxins from pollution that distort the dogs electrical system for grounding.
  • Genetic disturbances from poor breeding patterns. 

MAOW™ K9 (Kung Fu for Dogs) is a system designed to:

  • Heal your dog of chronic injuries and prevent future injuries
  • Offer your dog the most optimal wellness program by addressing the science of the dogs’ healing forces using special positions
    and directions that influence real scientific forces.
  • Train yourself to master your magnetism, elements, and energy forces to heal your dog.
  • Train yourself to carry the power and force to be the master of your dog.

Specifically address the following dog issues:

  • Arthritic joints and damaged limbs and hips
  • Weak spines and nervous system imbalances
  • Allergies and asthma
  • Dogs that do not listen
  • Nervous bladder and bowels
  • Unfocused and aggressive dog behavior



KUNG FU FOR DOGS™ – MAOW K9™: Master Your Magnetism & Heal Your Dog

Sifu Matthew will teach you to understand and balance your forces. By focusing your electromagnetism and utilizing proper position and direction your energy and field will become more responsive to your intention. You will then learn how to apply that force to your dog for rapid healing and better connectivity.

Attendee requirements: Class is appropriate for all dogs that are non-aggressive and non-hypertensive. Very useful for owners and dogs dealing with chronic health conditions.

Length of class: 1.5 hours: 1 hour training of the owners without dogs and 30 minutes with the dogs & owners.


KUNG FU FOR DOGS™ – MAOW K9™: Canine Recovery Sciences (i.e. hips, joints, spines, bones, and teeth)

Your dogs do not have to suffer from arthritis or hip injuries, back weaknesses or organ conditions. There is a science that can reverse these conditions.   Sifu Matthew will teach you his science of how to heal your dog’s injuries using proper electromagnetic forces. He has helped many dogs walk again and regain health and strength from chronic conditions, through his mastery of the sciences of martial forces. In this class Sifu Matthew will take you through the precise series that rewires and revitalizes your dog’s ability to pull energy from the earth and use it to heal.

Attendee requirements: Class is appropriate for all non-aggressive dogs with injuries or frail and dysfunctioning bones, joints, ligaments, etc.

Length of class: 1 hour with both owners and dogs together


KUNG FU FOR DOGS™ – MAOW K9™: Children & Dog Wellness

There are many conditions that our children have that can be repaired rapidly without medicine or toxic therapies. This is a function of balancing the core forces of the body. In this course, your children will learn to heal their own forces using specific positions that shift their energy, rhythm, and frequency rapidly. These shifts re-orient their system to open new healing pathways. They become in control of these new abilities and apply that energy to interact and heal their dogs.   By learning to change their energy and apply those forces in healing and dynamic interaction, they become that change and amazing results can occur.

 Attendee requirements: Children with anxiety disorders and moderate learning disabilities, ADHD, Asperger’s, athletic children wanting to learn more sensitivity and power.

Length of class: 1 hour: 1 hour with both the kids and dogs.


  • MAOW™ K9 Healing for Dogs – Movements and positions to stimulate and heal your dog.
  • MAOW™ owner empowerment – Focused positions and motions  to heal yourself and influence your dog’s wellbeing.
  • MAOW™ breed specific programs – Healing specific types of breeds and their organs (Coming soon)