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Maow Origins

"Activate a new paradigm of injury healing, disease prevention, and wellness empowerment with."



Wellness is a natural law of science. We are constantly replenished by bodies of natural forces that surround us. The sun, the moon, the forests, oceans, and earth cleverly provide the building blocks of our regeneration through design of their position and composition. Using the science of our proper body positions and directions, we can connect to these nourishing forces and unlock a new cycle of wellness. 


MAOW™ (Martial Arts of Wellness) teaches you how to influence your internal healing and power through a series of Martial Arts positions, movements, and focused intentions that directly affect the electro-chemical cycles of your body and cells. Each unique position is designed to connect to the electrical fields that strengthen and heal imbalances in the organs, tissues, cells, nerves, bones, and blood. They will induce a shift in your rhythms and programming, through the interaction with new electrical force cycles. These force cycles feed your body, nervous system, and brain a form of direct and natural medicine that stimulates a new healing position around stress, imbalance and power. While changes can be felt immediately, cumulative cultivation will sensitize you to your forces, connecting you to a new paradigm of purity, power, healing and wellness. 


Pain and Discomfort is the Body Pleading for Your Attention

Our pains, diseases and discomforts are imbalances of our natural forces. When a nerve is screaming, an organ aching, or a mind in constant duress, we need to listen to the messages as a call and desire for the journey toward balance. From there we can carry the messages in heart, rise up within and adjust into the direction of our healing. 


  • Rapid recovery post-surgery (joint surgeries, fractures, all surgical procedures), post-cancer rehab, post surgical wounds
  • Nerve damage, chronic pain and inflammation, neuropathy, neuroma, partial paralysis
  • Sciatica, cluster and migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, arthritis, autoimmune conditions
  • PTSD, MS, Parkinson’s, stroke rehabilitation, Morton’s Neuroma
  • TMJ, CMT, Lyme’s Disease
  • Addictions of all forms
  • Weight loss, depression and anxiety
  • Mental /emotional healing
  • Performance enhancement

Sifu Matthew is a Kung Fu Master, world renowned healer, athletic performance expert and founder of The Martial Arts of Wellness (MAOW). He is a master of understanding the electromagnetic forces of the body in relation to strength, wellness, and performance. He is known for his ability to regenerate body tissues, ligaments, and bones rapidly to activate the healing process. He has worked with many thousands, including pro-athletes and Hollywood stars. Some of his groundbreaking work includes regenerating dogs’ hips, dissolving arthritis, and preventing numerous degenerative conditions from surgery.

Sifu Matthew’s creation of the Martial Arts of Wellness came from his more than 41 years of experience in the martial arts, which inspired him to discover an intimate process of how electromagnetic forces interact within and without of the body. With this scientific knowledge, Sifu Matthew was able to heal his own body completely from several major chronic debilitating injuries from competitive sports. Some of those injuries included: an ankle with bone spurs and a severed nerve cut accidentally during surgery which left him with constant pain and irreparable structural damage, a finger that was shattered with no room for pins and was predicted to have arthritis and no movement, and a host of other conditions that had no response to traditional or alternative medicine.

Matthew was able to heal his injuries permanently through mastering an understanding of his own electromagnetic forces, precise elements and angles of motion needed to activate these forces for healing. His understanding of these forces came from studying through interaction the precise trajectory of the creative force cycles that are responsible for our health or disease.

He then formed those principles into a system that would help others master their own forces for superior health, performance, and wellness possible only through engaging the power of their own electromagnetic forces. He has helped thousands using both The Martial Arts of Wellness and his mastery of force manipulation to recover from many conditions that were non-responsive to both western and alternative modalities (see Healing Page for more details).

Sifu Matthew currently runs wellness clinics in L.A, and provides specialized team programs and individual athlete mentorships world-wide. He lectures and educates athletes, doctors, and executives on understanding the human potential for rapid healing. He runs advanced corporate wellness platforms as well as intensive Executive Warrior Training Camps across the country.

He carries black belts in Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and is an instructor of Wing Chun (Lau Wai) Bagua, Liangong, and Swimming Dragon as well as many other forms of Chi Gong.