Elite Mentorship, Healing, and Training

This program is for healing core issues and delving into a new form of power, wellness, and clarity using your own internal forces through the guidance of Sifu Matthew.

This mentorship has been used by professional athletes, top CEOs, celebrities, diplomats, and those who want to go beyond quick fixes into an authentic core shifting acceleration in all areas through personal guidance and training with Sifu.

By learning to access intensive states of focus and open your electrical pathways,  you can begin to engage parts of yourself you have not known and seen before and build new aspects and qualities you need to master yourself and your circumstances.

This program has been used for:

  • High level professionals and celebrities in need of healing injuries rapidly
  • Addiction recovery training.
  • Rapid recovery from illness and injury
  • Mentorship and guidance through extremely stressful times
  • Business Strategy and Guidance
  • Mastering your sense of power through knowing your elements.
  • Personalized training in empowerment and energetic field protection
  • Martial Arts and Self Defense Training

NOTE: Mentorship training can be an intense commitment to witness the darkest aspects of yourself that hinder your power, and then to ultimately remove them and rebuild a new cycle. This holds true especially for addictions and character flaws.

Each part that is removed has a host of attachments that can fight back. They fight because your very desire to shift can be a threat to their own unbalanced aspects that have been rooted to you as a feeding mechanism. Taking away your pattern means they can no longer rely on your weakness and neither can you. This will apply to many long-term relationships which include: family members, friends, spouses and those closest to you who may frown upon ,challenge or even attack your new position since it is a disruption of their projection of who they’re comfortable with you being in their idea of themselves.

When taking on this type of intensive training you must be wholeheartedly prepared to face your own resistance as well, which can come up in the forms of thinking you ‘got it’ when you don’t, projecting your weakness and frustrations onto the training method, jumping ship toward a quick fix or following poor advice from those who cannot see your best interest because you’ve blocked yourself from your core with devils of doubt.

If you are seriously looking to go to the next level. Make sure you are ready!