The Art of Wellness

The Art Of Wellness

The Art of Wellness

Originally published by Boca Raton Observer

The founder of a wellness approach dubbed the Martial Arts of Wellness, he’s helped thousands recover from injuries and conditions that were unresponsive to other forms of treatment by focusing on the body’s electromagnetic forces.

Now, Klein, 48, is bringing his expertise to the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Miami Beach. He says that the combination of Miami’s heat and water creates a powerful healing atmosphere as he helps patients by stimulating parts of the body that aren’t working properly.

“I get to the root of problems,” he says. “I help you interact with these forces differently.” 

In fact, Klein says that he permanently healed several of his own longstanding injuries from competitive sports and martial arts, in which he has more than 40 years of experience. Other conditions he tackled in himself include cluster headaches, compromised immunity, lower back pain, chronic ankle and knee injuries, food allergies, and gallbladder and liver issues.

“I wasn’t finding healing through other modalities,” he says. “A disease or condition is an imbalance of natural forces. By learning to work with your own forces, you can heal yourself and improve your health.”

Raised in New York City and currently living in Miami Beach, Klein earned degrees in economics and Japanese at Yeshiva University in New York. Meanwhile, he rose up the martial arts ranks to become a sifu (a highly skilled master) in Wing Chun Kung Fu. He also holds black belts in judo and jiu jitsu and is certified to teach Bagua (a Korean martial art) and Liangong (a Chinese health exercise system).

“My path was paved through decades of training, studying and working in clinical practice, where I learned the nuances of my craft,” he says.

Klein, who enjoys writing and swimming in his free time, explains that martial arts and alternative healing overlap in integral ways: “The fundamental principle of the internal martial arts is to maintain balance of your forces and energies for protection, healing and wellness. Martial arts trains you to use the body to channel and harness electrical force for protection.”

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