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It can heal rapidly through the laws of physics and science; it absolutely can. Your sciatic-nerve impingements and prolapsed organs, chronic inflammatory conditions, unbalanced nervous systems, collapsed arches, infected uteruses and more, can be shifted as quickly as turning your head to the left and rotating your foot to the right.

These are the laws that govern our universe of constant creation and destructuring. Every move you make connects you to an electromagnetic field that is creating with elements that harmonize with that field. Diseases are forms and shapes that are being re-created right now through the position and shape you hold within yourself.

By changing your shape and form, and by knowing how to align with the exact forces that are healers for that condition, your body will do what it needs to find its optimal state of wellness automatically.

The power to heal and live with more ease versus to struggle with misalignments can be shifted by changing your position. Literally, where you stand, the direction you face, and your conscious interaction with the elements and forces around you, will create a physical/chemical response that can either heal you or harm you.

I have seen thousands of people recover rapidly from chronic injuries that have tried many modalities and had little or no results. I have personally healed ALL of my injuries that were considered irreparable by surgeons and caused constant pain for decades, all through applying a new way of using the martial arts. Broken ankles with bone spurs, cluster headaches, twisted pelvises, chronic organ infections, can all be healed by using the precise science that is creating them!

The wisdom and understanding of electro-magnetism and healing came to me through 44 years of training in the martial arts. While moving through many positions, counter positions and forms, and through sensing another’s position, I became hyper-aware to the magnetism of their body and the forces that were creating balance or imbalance within them. These forces themselves — called elements — comprise all matter and are in fact shapes and forms that induce different types of motion-cycles through our personal elements.

The warrior trains himself for an infinite potential of movements that activate creative (not destructive) forces to enhance internal power to deal fearlessly and calmly with each circumstance that presents itself. The warrior learns to harness the power of these elemental forces in order to re-shape the unruly elemental forces that are not operating within the universal codes of healing and harmony.

The warrior, shifting his shape in the face of adversity to manage or overcome the unruly elements, without losing his own force to that element, is the fundamental action in sustaining life and is the primary principal of the martial arts. It is the same for healing. To heal we must first stabilize ourselves and be willing to look at our unruly elements, engage them and be willing to embody the new and precise electromagnetic position needed to overcome or dissolve them. Where there is immobility, healing cannot occur and disease will flourish.

Sifu Matthew lectures and teaches his system of Electromagnetic Healing for healers and doctors. He teaches Kung Fu in Manhattan and conducts private and group healings worldwide. For more information:
or email