To Heal or Not to Heal: Part 2

To Heal or Not to Heal: Part 2

Many people ask me how is it possible to heal something rapidly such as a severely sprained ankle, or a limb that has been paralysed for years. How can a short meeting between humans create an incredible healing reaction that refused to take place between man and machine and many forms of interactive medicine? How is it possible for a body to truly do what modern science seems to think is impossible? How does a rotator cuff heal without surgery?


Rapid Healing Takes Training

The answer lies in understanding your innate human technology and activating it through proper training. The more you are in tune with your deepest forces the quicker the body will respond to your commands. All of the magnificent healings I have witnessed have taken place through a deep connection to my own power within. All bodily forces will move quicker from the depth or core than from the surface. It is at the core where the raging fire and pressurised water can create the shifts needed to heal. It is at the source of the true heart’s electricity, not the mind’s idea of it.

Here are some tips to own that power.

Quiet and command the mind to a still point. Hold your mind like a ball until it is relaxed and stable.
Drive the mind deep down into the heart using will pressure and breath.
Link mind and heart together in a circuit.
Stay within that connection deeply until you feel you are calm and have in control of your power.

Here is a video testimonial from one of my latest healing miracles.

Wishing you power, peace and presence of heart,

Sifu Matthew