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To Heal or Not to Heal

To Heal or Not to Heal

In my travels around the country, I have been blessed to help people heal who were hanging on by their last thread of belief for a healing intervention. With a myriad of conditions ranging from paralysis, nerve damage, non functioning bladder nerves, PTSD, disfiguring arthritis, metabolic disorders, and an assortment of athletic injuries and symptoms X’s, they had gotten to a point where they had tapped the faucet of remedies available. All of them had tried numerous alternative healing modalities as well as the Western medical system. All of them had not gotten to a satisfactory resolve that would predict a clear path to healing. Many of them either couldn’t understand and remedy the root cause of their condition through alternative models, or they had been victims of surgical mishaps and the unrelenting prescription institution. Even with the best intentions of all practitioners involved, they were left in a state of powerlessness believing that they could not be healed.



Believe it or Not, Our Bodies Can Heal Themselves

Take a moment and reflect on this. To believe we cannot heal within ourselves is a horrendous crime against our powerful scientific nature. It is a breakdown of our deepest internal truth that is reinforced each day by nature, science and her prevailing forces. The very nature of the Universe itself is a nature of balance through integration or relationship of forces in action. Each interaction exists to both give and receive from the communication of cellular and planetary bodies.

The earth will bear its fruit to man while being replenished again by water, oxygen, minerals and proper light to synthesize. Man will utilize the energy in interaction with another and his waste will be reintegrated back to the earth. Through many forms of energy and waste-transformation and through the trees’ capacity to absorb lung excretion, perfect harmony can be synthesized.

Ponder this for moment: with all forces commanded and set to replenish themselves, and the body being a force provided by those governing forces, how is it possible for a body not to heal? How does it literally lose it’s connection to the wondrous sea of natural sustenance that is the very heart of its health?

These questions and many more will be discussed in my upcoming blogs geared to help you know the greatest healing possible. For now, here are some tips from my chest of wisdoms that have helped me both to heal myself and heal many thousands that needed a reinvigoration.

1. Spend time every single day in stillness and check where you feel you are closed off or shut down. Where do you feel you are not able to be receptive or expressive? The body will ONLY heal itself where there is room to receive new energy and minerals from within.

2. Dissolve any forms of anxiety, fear and tension before you rest and when you rise by doing the MAOW earth position and circulations.

3. Spend at least five minutes in silence facing the North at night to bring the body into a state of parasympathetic balance in order to adjust your rhythms from a chaotic day.


Below is one of latest healing miracles.

I look forward to seeing you soon in your healthiest form!

Sifu Matthew


Morton’s Neuroma Healed Rapidly in Several Minutes